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Saturday Morning Mews from The Big Girl In Hairball Alley


this is my file photo at Starbucks...taken in February.

Saturday Morning in The CATASPHERE .  I am here in Starbucks on Austin Street.  As much as I love them, sometimes I have to crawl away from the M-Cats. Jazzpurr took advantage of my early morning 530 am trip to the bathroom, to escort me to the kitchen instead of back to bed.

To be sure, I had my own reasons for being there.  After my  own pre-dawn bite of this and sip of that, it became clear that Jazzpurr was hungry and wanted to eat.  He has become quite vocal. He speaks his mind.  I have never wanted to admit it and

I look like I'm smiling, don't I? I just ate Cosmo's dinner!

I have no proof, but Japurr might be an Aries.



Cosmo Toppurr and Mousie

I know why Jazzpurr was early with his wake up call too…I skimped on his dinner the night before.  I am trying to put him on a diet, so he can live out all 9 lives, but especially this one, in good health.  More on Cat Food, another time.    I have become a lot more knowledgeable on what and what not to feed a cat.


Right now I’m thinking about Cosmo, Coupurr, and of course my coffee. Jazzpurr won but I went back to bed this morning, after I fed , not only Jazzpurr but the rest of the crew.  Cosmo Toppurr,who had only taken a quick bite from his own, bowl, followed me to the bed with mousie in his mouth.

Play with me now



Every toy mouse is named Mousie in Hairball Alley…..I draw one on occasion, but he has been lying dormant for a while.

I try to play fair, but sometimes it requires a little self sacrifice.Each of the M-Cats requires some alone time..I can cat nap with the boys later on…around noon, while listening to Jonathan Schwartz.  


Right now Cosmo wants to play.

no sketching - play Mousie

did you say Spoon?

Where is Coupurr when you need him?  Coupurr likes to spoon!


Cosmo Toppurr likes to play games…One in particular is Fetch and Catch The Mousie.  He has learned to take control of this game, which he has been playing almost since I brought him home. He was a rescue cat from Conneticut. His original name was Simon. he has a brother and sister named Randy and Paula, who I was not able to adopt.  Someday when He is old enough, I’ll tell him the whole story, but for now we play fetch the mouse at 6AM on Saturday morning.



I was planning on sleeping in, hoping for Coupurr to come spoon with me, but Cosmo Toppurr had too much energy, and Coupurr sat back watching us play, cat napping, then waking with a silly yawn.

I used to be Grey Cat from Canarsie!



It is hard to be in e moment and record it at the same time. So played the game, knowing that I would come here and write it all down, with the intent to add photos and upload this later.

multi Cats in Hairball Alley



If you are reading this, my intention as been fulfilled.


Have a great day.


Ciao & Meow


Robin Amy Bass AKA The Big Girl