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Breakfast At Starbucks

This entry is really a test to see if word press works on my IPad and in Starbucks, where I am having coffee with my brother, who is continuing in his dietary pursuit…He is journaling about his quest to lose 10 pounds….and not sure if the ravioli – gnocci appetizer was a wise choose at dinner last night…but since he dined at TAZZINA – featured on CHOP, a TV show akin to Top Chef….anyway…we are trying to navigate the technical difficulties of blogging in Starbucks…

So Ciao, or should I say Chow for now?

More Bird Watching In Hairball Alley

The title is misleading…ever since I typed it I have not seen one bird.  Well none of them stood still long

enough for me to photograph them.   So instead I will upload a few more pictures of  my Raise The Vibration walk, I decided to take this afternoon.

Lets start with a nice Gazebo

3:30pm Nap

and then a nice Tudor House

One of my favorite trees.

I love branches that wind around each other.  

I also love the colors of these leaves and blossoms against the sky.

Storm Clouds and cherry blossoms

Meanwhile Moonie slept peacefully in the window…  Too cool to venture outside. Maybe if he sees me with the Foccacia bread, on my return trip from Dee’s..beautiful color, but lopsided… reminds me of a skirt I own.

Love this look

So…no birds…but it’s safe to say my vibration has risen:)

Off to spend the rest of the evening with The M-Cats and the WFUV 90.7 FM long player of the week.

Later Folks,

The Big Girl

Cat Vase For Mom from Hairball Alley

painted with paint markers

Cat Vase – Rough Draft.
Paint markers.
I made the above sketch, with nothing purrticular in mind, although I have been painting pottery recently. Purrhaps this a subconscious upcoming purroject.

My mother happened to come across it in one of my sketch pads, and mentioned that she would like to frame it. I was flattered, as my mother is not easily pleased.
The sketch was not finished….She thought it was.

My mother is not a cat lover, and is always after me to give mine away. Well that’s not going to happen. She can have the sketch, though I am scanning it into her computer, before it hits her wall!