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Friday Afternoon In Hairball Alley Update

I started the day with a Vanilla Latte at Starbucks.

Hopefully I will make some progress with the sketch pad. I plan to take a blanket out to the park and see where my pen and markers lead me.

I was in the park earlier, and had lovely encounter with a Robin, but in the back of my head, I heard a small voice whisper, “What about your morning errands?”

So I headed back to Queens Blvd, and took care of business…..

Decided on a lunch  break, back at Hairball Alley.

Maynard , Jazzpurr, Fatty, Cosmo & Coupurr were in very mellow moods….someones been in the catnip box I see…

things were relatively sociable.   Coupurr and Fatty must be sleeping it off some where.

I want some catnip too! I'm not too young any more.









I plan to post another entry later another, hopefully with some new sketches.


Enjoy The Day  Everyone


Robin Amy B