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Sketches From Hairball Alley – the early years

Hello everyone.The Big Girl here!…I am busy reorganizing my photos and sketches, and exploring WordPress at the same time. I hope there will come a day when I stop apologizing for my confusion, but I now know there is a delete button, so I will forge ahead fearlessly.

I’m not sure what year I picked up my brush and art markers, and started drawing  my cats, and the cats I saw  in my head. I do remember watching a football game with The Big Guy, and thinking I would rather be doing something else.  I had been to the craft store earlier, and had purchased a few small white cardboard boxes – meant for storing small items like jewelry or buttons,and some colored markers.   I grabbed one, and began to draw a cat.


The Big Guy remarked that it was “nice” and I could probably sell them. I was flattered but did not take him to seriously. Nevertheless I continued to draw cats,  first on boxes, then on canvas and sketch pads, and onto my computer until there isn’t any surface that is off limits!


These are some of my early drawings. I find them hard to organize, because there are so many. It may be why I stopped painting boxes…I ran out of room.

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