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About Hairball Alley

Hello everyone…I am The Big Girl.  I created Hairball Alley – A Cool Place For Colorful Cats – a few years ago, when it became clear that there would be no separating  my real life as a cat lady from any of my ongoing creative pursuits.

I have always been a writer, but at that point in time, my whole life was in transition. The details I will spare you for the moment- I will leave those for the Hairball Alley blog – but the upshot was my aquisition of 5 male cats all within a few months of each other, so that they are now between 4 and five years old.  For those of you who need a timeline – 2007-2008!

I was not conscious of the transition, but it seems like one day I was writing  unrequited, second time is better, love songs, and then the next day I was rhyming Ciao and Meow!   Short stories about Ex Husbands turned into What To Feed A Finicky Kitten.

Along with the cat poetry and prose came the cat pictures! Then one day, I picked up a paint brush, and then an art marker, and started drawing cats…everywhere…on small pieces of paper, napkins , white boxes, large sheets of news prints, sketch pads,  with computer generated programs, on my Ipad, before breakfast, and on line at work, waiting for the next customer.  I could not stop.Some were real – I drew my own. Some were cartoons – I drew what was in my head.  Some were nameless, others had monikers and histories. Neighborhood cats, and people who looked like cats. I see them everywhere.

And before you think that I am weirder than my mother thinks I am, I stop way short of altering any of my own physical features to look like a cat.  I’m not that kind of cat lady.  What ever became of of that crazy cat lady..I digress…

Sometimes I draw the  people at the bagel shop, and turn them into cats. I might mention one of the few places I feel comfortable is on the internet, as that’s where all the real cats lovers seem to reside!

Since this is the short version, I will skip the last few years, and come right to the present.  I am making Hairball Alley my Soul Occupation.

It is my intention to watch  Hairball Alley grow by leaps and bounds but at it’s own pace-  How’s that for a mixed message ?Just like a cat.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved cats.  Real ones and imaginary ones…It doesn’t matter. Imaginary cats are easier to take care of, or are they?

Dappurr David never lets me get very far, without reminding me how important imagination really is.  A furriend of ours once asked me, why call him Dappurr David and not Dappurr Dan?..well Dappurr Dan is  actually Dappurr David’s twin brother, and he has his own Copy-Cat Boutique  down on Canal Street in the Counterfeit Alley section. See what I mean?

This blog will feature stories and  drawings about my M-Cats, and  Dappurr David, and all his colorful furrends and more!  Many of the prints and photos are for sale . I will be happy to provide the appropriate links.  Please email if you have any questions or requests. None of the prose or pictures or photo’s may be used without my permission or Dappurr David’s Purrmision!

Ciao & Meow

Robin Amy Bass

Chief Cat Officer

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