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Hot Fun In Hairball Alley

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I posted an entry. The Big Girl (that’s me) has been busy with all sorts of creative purrocesses and adventures.

Translation: I’ve started several other blogs, and the M-Cats are jealous. We sat down on my bed, the M-cats and I had a long discussion about how we all had to learn to be respectful of each others property.

The Big Girl Against a Pillow – drawn w/ IartPro

So far, Coupurr and Jazzpurr have agreed to stop drinking out of my water color-water container, and I have agreed to let them sleep on the bed, while I paint, and try and catch on this on-line art course I am taking.

I promise to be back on line shortly, with more interesting adventures from all the M-Cats.