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Breakfast At Starbucks

This entry is really a test to see if word press works on my IPad and in Starbucks, where I am having coffee with my brother, who is continuing in his dietary pursuit…He is journaling about his quest to lose 10 pounds….and not sure if the ravioli – gnocci appetizer was a wise choose at dinner last night…but since he dined at TAZZINA – featured on CHOP, a TV show akin to Top Chef….anyway…we are trying to navigate the technical difficulties of blogging in Starbucks…

So Ciao, or should I say Chow for now?

June 1, 2012 – A Strange and Magical Morning In Hairball Alley – Field Trip In The Catasphere

Sketching Buildings and Learning about Perspective

Last night I sat perusing the internet and I came across an art lesson about 1 point perspective for fifth graders. I really like the way the lesson was presented, and I was taken by the drawings the students had made.

Here is a link

I guess I have been trying to get in touch with that childish creativity, that most life coaches say is found in all of us.

I was inpspired to try my own Horizon Line drawing of trees and buildings…like the children, It will take me more than one session to complete…I also tried it on my computer program Paint Brush
I have several, but the one still hanging on the screen is this