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Saturday Afternoon In Hairball Alley – Curl Up & Create


On the advice of my Moon Horoscope, I am going to spend the afternoon sketching, and maybe painting in Hairball Alley.

Saturday April 28, 2012 Moon HoroscopeThe Moon Phase is New and the moon sign is Leo (as of 12:10 PM ET). You can count on being a little bit cranky s especially if someone has a ton of plans for you this Saturday. The Leo moon will awaken your desire for freedom, and Saturn will try to tie you down. Work out a compromise, but make sure you have at least a little time to decide for yourself about how you’ll spend your time.


I will ignore the invitation my mother extended to me…relatives are visiting, and I will stay here with

Jazzpurr  and the rest of the gang…  

I have a lot of sketches I want organize, and possibly finish a few of them. Most of these are done in art marker pens, and brushes. I have been playing around with colored pencils, too, but I like the richness of art markers I must admit…Nothing subtle about them …what does that mean?  Maybe I am not in subtle mood…Maybe it’s Maynard & Coupurr, who have been very definite in their expressions, their likes and dislikes?

His  nose looks too much like mine:)  This one’s going to need some work – definitely in purrogress!
I also want to spend sometime playing with word-press but that is a work in purrogress too:)  Anyway, Jonathan Schwartz is on the radio, and I’m still feeling the loss of Pete Fornatale.
We weren’t purrsonal friends, but his presence on WNEW 102.7 and then WFUV 90.7 FM, was a great comfort to me. His Mixed Bag Radio show, will continue to resonate in me.   Too many losses these past few months. I am trying to process it, and not let it deter my creativity.
OK….below is Randy The Cat…better than Random Cat!

OK  I shall return to the scanner later…now it’s off to the sketch pad.
Later Folks!
Robin Amy Bass AKA The Big Girl

Combo Sketch of Fatty & Jazzpurr M-Cat Bass – 4/25/12


A Quick Sketch of Fatty/Jazzpurr M-Cat Bass, outline in Prisma Pen, and filled in with a mix of crayons, and Tombow Art Markers (my favorites)

I took artistic liscense with Fatty’s long furr and gave him a trim..this is really a combination of Jazzpurr & Fatty

Birds N Bagels In Hairball Alley







I had not planned to start this entry with a picture of Cosmo and me, but he insists..


OK on with the show…


This is the path I walk, after I get my coffee….there is a park across the street, and when the weather permits I like to sit and sketch, or take pictures.










A beautiful Tuesday Morning and I am going back to the sketch pad in a   bit. It’s nippy outside. I went out for my Grande Vanilla Soy latte, and a two whole wheat bagels –  One of them is shared with the Forest Hills birds, and The M-Cats.  The other bagel is mine!

That seems to have become my routine in the morning, after I feed The M-Cats of course.  Actually Jazz woke me up twice…once at 3 AM…I was not pleased, and though I got up to go to the bathroom, I didn’t want him to get any ideas that I planned to move on to the kitchen after that!









I went back to bed, even though I contemplated a sip of the Rejuvenator Juice –they all have weird names like that-  I had in the fridge!…The juices I have been ordering from ripe – all sorts of Veggie and fruit combos – have really been making feel better – not that I’ve been feeling sick!  It’s just that water is boring, and green tea never quite makes me feel, the way it sounds, so  I’ve been experimenting with these vegetable fruit concoctions. I hope my complexion does not turn green – The Hulk is greener than Green Tea!




The last time Jazzpurr woke me at 4 AM, I never went back to sleep. I did the dishes, and changed the water bowls…next thing I knew the sun was coming up, and I was ready for my Starbucks Latte at 6AM…sorry 4 AM is too early. I think I went to bed at PM that night!

Most of the time, Jazzpurr lets me sleep thru the night. Fatty snuggles at the foot of the bed and Cosmo will occasionally drop a mouse (toy!) by my head, as I lay snoring (although since becoming a Vegan, I don’t snore half as much), and that doesn’t happen  as much any more. Coupurr likes to spoon, but usually in the late afternoon, when the sun heats up my bedroom:)

 Cosmo likes to play with me at various intervals during the day, like when I’m writing this entry

So before I get on with my day, one in which I will attempt to upload some sketches to my new blog, let me not forget to mention how cute Cosmo has been looking again this morning – I’m thinking of doing another photo series of just him, but the other guys will no doubt be jealous, so we’ll have to see about that.

Meanwhile Fatty is off hiding in his new box….a rectangular rattan basket filled with catnip toys, I tossed in side, while I was Cleaning up…It’s payback for moving the furniture on him:)
Later Folks
Robin Amy Bass AKA The Big Girl

Cheek Rubs from Cosmo Toppurr -4-22-12 in Hairball Alley

I don’t like to favor one cat over the other, pictorially speaking, but Cosmo has been stalking me of late….I love to start my Sunday mornings with nose kisses from Cosmo, but he has been chasing the other guys away – he pulls his “I’m the baby” routine


I am not ready to reveal the sketches of him, but here are some photos….

It’s me and him in mostly the same series…He has become a chin and cheek rubber and licker:)   I don’t mind…he seems to understand that he cannot bite me on the face, EVER…even if he means it’s a love bite.  It was hard to teach him that, because Cosmo is mostly a playful, lovable guy.   He is territorial, and I will always wonder if it was him who gave Maynard that nasty abscess.

Cosmo Toppurr M-Cat Bass and The Big Girl                               
























Ok everyone have a great Sunday…will probably try to get another post with some sketches of the rest of the crowd later!


Rock On, Rock Steady!


Robin Amy B AKA The Big Girl

Friday Afternoon In Hairball Alley Update

I started the day with a Vanilla Latte at Starbucks.

Hopefully I will make some progress with the sketch pad. I plan to take a blanket out to the park and see where my pen and markers lead me.

I was in the park earlier, and had lovely encounter with a Robin, but in the back of my head, I heard a small voice whisper, “What about your morning errands?”

So I headed back to Queens Blvd, and took care of business…..

Decided on a lunch  break, back at Hairball Alley.

Maynard , Jazzpurr, Fatty, Cosmo & Coupurr were in very mellow moods….someones been in the catnip box I see…

things were relatively sociable.   Coupurr and Fatty must be sleeping it off some where.

I want some catnip too! I'm not too young any more.









I plan to post another entry later another, hopefully with some new sketches.


Enjoy The Day  Everyone


Robin Amy B



The Past Two Days In Hairball Alley

This is what my moon horoscope says for 4/17/12

The Moon Phase is Last Quarter and the moon sign is Pisces. Tax day is also moon void of course day, at least for this year. Avoid making major decisions and be especially careful about making purchases or signing papers. With luck, you did all the filing long before today’s extended deadline.

Actually, I did, and the good news is my refund arrived today.

I can go for a walk

and  can stock up on Cat Food…I always like to be a couple of cans ahead of the game.

In the back of my mind – I have some “major purrchases” rummaging around my head, but those will have to wait.

I have to forget new furniture and technical ( new laptop)  acquisitions, and stick to some art supplies.  I will keep the M-Cats   amused with some Catnip Mice  

I need to stay sensible:( That’s what happens when one has a family..My five felines keep me busy as a single Mom:)

I  need  to stock up on a some sketch pads.  And a few Prisma Color Black Pens…Moderation is key.That’s what Maynard The Maine Coon – Life Coach says!

As for the bad news….well I’m not going to discuss that in my blog. This is a positive journal. That being said, in order to raise my vibration, I think I need to put the focus back on my creative purrsuits.

I’m in that phase where I am running out of excuses….My house is nearly stocked. The weather is warm. I have choices as to where I draw what…I just have to settle in and do it.  The M-Cats are co-operating, and if they are not in the mood, I can always draw one of the hundreds of thousands of cats I find on the internet.  The trick is to sculpt it into a little book.

Not the Hairball Alley saga…This is a small 10 page book with small pictures…I just have get into that zone…right music, right pictures, right right right

Time to put on some Abraham Hicks and find my focus.

Later Folks

The Big Girl  AKA Robin Amy Bass


Wonderful Wednesday In Hairball Alley – 4/18/12

My tax refund arrived

yesterday, and now I sit typing on Big Mac, stocked up on Cat Food, Colored Pencils and Sketch Pads.  MY Veggie Burger is on the kitchen counter, and a Venti Soy Green Tea Latte is nearby.

I took two long walks today, and have everything I need. I took the scenic route.

I have no excuses…I can sit down and “Create”.  The M-Cats are fed, and have gone off to bird watch.

I have promised myself to keep this blog up, and I have, though I may not publish every entry.  I’d like to fill these pages with some of my recent sketches, but that means I actually have to get to the sketch pad.

Well, now with all the errands tended to – Yay! We have litter too – , I can settle in without having to get up every 5 seconds.

I have moved the furniture around, and the place seems a bit roomier. Fatty had a fine time before, sniffing  his catnip mouse, or should I say mice.  I threw a few toys out on the rug, and he and Coupurr took a good hit:)

…time to move on to the pen and pencil portion of this evening!

Later Folks,

Robin Amy B.

Hot & Healthy In Hairball Alley

A beautiful afternoon in Hairball Alley – The  M-Cats are chowing down –  (yet again).   I put food out before, but it seems that they are just getting around to it now….It’s 6pm, and I spent the afternoon, re-arranging the furniture for a bit, and then  sketching by a sunny window , watching The M-Cats snoozing or playing.   There were no major changes, and The M-cats adjusted rather quickly. Finally got rid of my bedroom TV…nothing wrong…just boxy…I used it more for seating purrch for the boys…But my flat-screen from the living room, takes up a lot less space in the bedroom.

That Is the old TV in the background – Coupurr in the front -loving laundry day.

I don’t even  watch TV these days and movies are seen right here on my Desk Top, dubbed Big Mac, but the moves I made free up the living room , and believe it or not, I do have a plan.  I’m just not verbalizing a lot about it….  Redecorating is one of those projects, I have given to The Universe.   The right furniture seems to show up right on cue.  I don’t have much of budget for furniture at the moment, but I sold the stuff for close to 20 years, and  Law of Attraction has been very generous, when it comes to my encounters with synchronistic sofa-beds.    I settle for spurts of spontaneity, which lead to me throwing things out, and inventing  more space to store my sketch pads and art supplies.

Purrogress Not Purrfection….That’s just an excuse. I can hear Dappur David grumble….but there is a vision in the back of my head, that will come to fruition…I just have to be patient….and I AM!  I passed a street lamp today, and on  the pole, there was a flyer taped that read….Free, Free, Free…Take What You Need…

there were little stubs with words like Happiness, Patience, Care, and Peace, written  on them.  I took Patience:)

So I got that going for me.