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Spring Fever Strikes Hairball Alley





At 5:30 am this morning I felt a paw, and then a nip on my elbow.  Jazzpurr had come to tell me it was time to get breakfast started.I had gone to sleep early last night…partially to introduce  a new creative process into my mixed and cluttered bag…partially to introduce a new feeding cycle….so I was not surprised that he showed so early. He was hungry….It is Equinox   and The Moon is playing with Aries.   

I guess I will follow his Jazzpurr’s lead and spring somewhat into action.  Oh…here Imagecomes Maynard

Mewsings In Hairball Alley – Friday Furrolics

ImageGood Morning From Hairball Alley…well Mid Morning.   The Big Girl is spring cleaning.  I started the day at Starbucks, where I tried to organize my colored pens, and fine tune some of my etchings….people kept wandering over with comments. A Mother and daughter, and then an older Jewish man, who wanted to discuss religion, Jews and Paganism….I did not take his chauvinistic bite. he did like my sketches!

So after that encounter, I moved on. I gathered my things and head home.  My closet doors are open and the M-Cats are exploring.  I have a laundry in the dryer downstairs and I am toying with going over to the Organic Cleaners in Kew Gardens…Haven’t actually tried it, but if they can organically remove the cat hair that are on my 2 pairs of charcoal Calvin Klein Leggings, and the gunk that is my on the seat of my Marc Jacobs Jeggings, I’m all for it.

Might take a walk on Austin Street if the sun comes out…


I also parted with some shoes….it was not easy ..Fatty has been racing around, trying to get my attention and has finally settled in on the sofa, waiting for me to finish this entry and join him.

I spied this beautiful picture…and wrote down the number of the artist..Image  very inspiring

Jazzpurr says I can do it!Jazzpurr M-Cat Bass


ok…back to the sketch pad….later folks

The Big Girl Is Here In Hairball Alley

a beautiful day in the The Catasphere.  The M-Cats spent the day bird watching by the window…From his 5th floor purrch Maynard The Maine Coon is very content. Fifth floor view is purrfect for Maynard The Maine Coon.


I , on the other paw- as Dappurr David likes to say – have been very restless and have not gotten anything done.  I purrposely stayed off the computer today, but to no avail.  A sketch pad full of mush…A few cats popped out…


You know things are strange when I go on WordPress to relax!  Formatting this stuff usually sends me running for my magic brownies!

According to my full moon horoscope everything should be just peachy –  Certainly the warm front helped.



I have been having white mocha latter urges all day, but I stuck to my guns and had a vanilla soy latte…ok two!  OK…I definately need to get the Starbucks habit under control – All those lattes add up to one big sketch pad!!!

And The M-Cats can sense when I’m wired on lattees….


They frown upon anything except catnip cocktails

Good Mews on Tues – Updating In Hairball Alley

The M-Cats and The Big Girl of Hairball Alley –  LogoGood Mews on Tues - Updating In Hairball Alley

This is a logo I designed for Hairball Alley a while back. It was lost among my files, but I finally followed up this morning with the Geniuses at Apple and restored a new Iphoto Library on My Mom’s Mac…a smaller less cluttered version of my own Big Mac. The results are a series of drawings I made back in Winter 2011.

Nice to have access again, and I am proud that I followed through. Now to set up my new gallery…One step at a time, Big Girl!  Ok…now to change the font on this entry.

Good Monday Morning From Hairball Alley

HAIRBALL ALLEY Postage Stamps stamp
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Coupurr M-Cat & The Big Girl – Sunday Morning In Hairball Alley

Coupurr M-Cat & The Big Girl - Sunday Morning In Hairball Alley

This is why I became a Cat Lady. Sunday mornings with Coupurr are the best.
Lately Coupurr has been pretty affectionate, but pretty much solitary in his purrsuits!Most of the pictures I have of Coupurr are spooning or sleeping:) In this one he is giving me a kiss, in an effort to lure me from the computer. I am grateful he is not taking a nipp out of that cheek. Both Coupurr and Cosmo like to rub cheeks and give love bites.

Email Posting In Hairball Alley

I promised myself I would work on learning something new every day with WordPress…so today I am emailing this entry. I’ll make it a quick pic and then I’m going for a walk in the Catasphere

these guys are busy anyway!