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Sleeping Blue Cat is really Coupurr M-Cat

Good Afternoon from Hairball Alley…The expurrimenting continues…I thought I would try uploading some recent sketches of the boys, via twitter. Appurrently, in one of my more creative moments I opened up a second twitter account which seems to be more photo friendly, and let’s me share my tweets on Blogger…So on with the art show.
This is a recent sketch,
Sleeping Blue Cat is really Coupurr M-Cat: Sleeping Blue Cat is really Coupurr M-Cat !

Thursday Afternoon In Hairball Alley

The 5 M-Cats & The Big Girl

Back To Biz - The Day After Valentines Day

Ok, I’m still expurrimenting with Word Press and had a nice little entry, that I just deleted! Can’t even blame on one of the guys.

I’m guessing that spending $30 to upgrade will purrobably give me the tools I need to make this page look  purrfect!  Dappurr david is urging me to spring for it…”Creativity has no Purrice”…He purrs!  Actually it was far more clever, but this amateur version of Word-Press seems to have eaten every last morsel of  The Big Girl’s inspurration.   Purrhaps we will have more of an in depth update later!

At last Dappurr David - The Purrsonal Shoppurr has his own store.

I do hear Dappurr David urging me to finish his Purrotrait  – He needs it in time for the grand opening of his new boutique  Dappurr David Designs – I’m told that a store will be opening somewhere in The Catasphere – near Hairball Alley –  by  April 2012. Look for Promo Coupons in all the Hairball Alley Trade Papurrs!

OK…There is a lot to tend to today.  A meeting with some of my alter-egos and purrsonas, seems to be in order. It’s time I had a talk with Sheila Walters Rock & Roll Reporter, distant and unofficial cousin of Barbara.  We are going to need a lot of celebrities for Dappur David’s Debut, and I’m sure she knows every cool, colorful cat in town!

Ciao & Meow

The Big Girl of Hairball Alley AKA  Robin Amy Bass

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The M-Cats Of Hairball Alley

Good morning from Hairball Alley.  I wanted to show all 5 M-Cats but I’m not quite sure if this drag & drop program will work out.  I

  I Am Jazzpurr M-Cats Bass – Number One Son

and  now it appears as if Cosmo picture is before Fatty  and of course let’s not forget Maynard The Maine Coon

I'm Maynard The Maine Coon - my M stands for Maynard!

Cosmo asked me, "Can I be in the entry, also?"

I am Fatty M- Cat! I'm Beautiful & I Know It




That’s Fatty M-Cat on The Bottom – don’t tell him – he is the second oldest and thinks he’s Vice Purresident!Fatty M-Cat also wants to get into the act!

Heartbreak In Hairball Alley

ok…Don’t get worried…There is no heartbreak…in fact there are only beautiful valentines from  and to all the M and I Cats of Hairball Alley.  What’s an I cat? Well, Imaginary of course!   Dappur David is the number one Imaginary Cat, and he has designed a pink and red heart just in time for Valentines Day.

And just in keeping with the title, Dappurr David, assures me that his Valentine is heart breaking-ly beautiful

How Many Hairball Alley Blogs Are there?

OK…I’m totally confused…I spent all day, working on Hairball Alley entries, and it’s looking like I created several blogs…do all roads lead to Hairball Alley…we shall see…btw…which M-Cat is missing from this picture? That is the question of the day?

Hard Purressed In Hairball Alley

Time for my brushing, Big Girl

to find a topic and focus for more than 5 seconds, without one of the M-Cats showing up and expecting some love.  Where is the “cats sleep for 16 hours” part of the day?  It’s 7:11pm on a Sunday night and my guys are still begging for more food, or bell rubs, or in Fatty’s case, a bit of his individual attention routine.

He has purrfected his act…it gets better every day.  he jumps up on the bar, gives me the paw, and then head bumps me, as I give him his bowl of wet food, or purrs, and goes directly to the dry food feeder – butt in my face.   He wasnted to be petted or brushed or both, and I comply. I want to get on with my blog, but Fatty IS the blog ( well, lets not forget about the other cool colorful M- Cats), at least  at the moment, so his papurring comes first!

Sunday In Hairball Alley – February 12, 2012

Happy Sunday Everyone

Hello everyone – I am The Big Girl, and have finally gotten a chance to explore wordpress, in order to fine tune our entries and create  a new , more accessible blog.  Hairball Alley is still under construction, but as Maynard The Maine Coon says, we are making Purrogress!  February has been a good month, despite Maynard’s visit to The Vet, in order to tend to his Abscess, which I’m happy report has been down graded to a Boo Boo!

I hope everyone will get to know my colorful characters…Dappurr David is one of my favorites, and he insists that if you can see him, than he is not imaginary.

Dappurr David Mobile