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Happy New Year From Hairball Alley

Hello everyone I am The  Big Girl..I have been experimenting with wordpress over the last year. We hope to be up and running by January 1, 2012…hence this picture:)

Goodbye WordPress _ Hello Hairball Alley

I finally found the delete button. Hello everyone.  This is The Big Girl…I have several Hairball Alley sites on and around the web. This one, I have been keeping in my back pocket. With 5 Male cats to feed and care for – I suppose that fall’s under the heading of LOVE – maintaining all my sites is tricky  business.  I still can’t find find the “font selection”. I was barely able to delete the pre-printed word press babble.  But paw by paw, I am making headway.   I know I have to be patient, and I am asking my fans to be patient with me well.  Hairball Alley and the creation there of seems to be a bit of a purrocess.


That is another Purroject…The Purr Dictionary  – words to purr by  – A Maynard The Maine Coon and Dappur David Purroduction:) Purrogress not Purrfection.. is one of Maynard The  Maine Coon’s purrfurred sayings. Most Purrsons get it…Most people do not:)

Anyway, it’s nice to be typing far away from facebook. I needed a break  It’s like hanging out in the lounge in college instead of studying. At some point, you gotta open a book. I got an A- when I finally did, so time to stop purrcastinating, and get this feline show on the road, Hairball Alley, incase you don’t already know, is a collection of cool colorful cats,both real and imaginary.  There are many objects for sale., on many of my websites, but that’s not what this site is about…not yet…This site is just a place for mewsings and meditations…all cool cats are welcome. Dive in or hide under the bed.


You have entered a No Purresure Zone:)

THe Big Girl!

How do you change the font?