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Cosmo Toppurr and The Cleaning Lady

I come from a long line of help. I’m not afraid to ask for it, and I understand that sometimes it has to be paid for, and I willingly do so. For example: when it comes to cleaning, I need help. That is why I was overjoyed to hear Dora The Cleaning Lady  at 7:30 am, walk thru the door, yelling “Hellooo Kitties, Hellooo” in her hispanic accent.  To be honest, I had forgotten this was her week, or maybe I was hoping it was not, because funds are low.  But I consoled myself with the thought, that my apartment would be clean and a bit cat hair free.

I got myself together, having fed the M-Cats earlier (6:30 AM and that’s another cat tale/tail in itself), and out the door as quickly as possible, putting off my shower, for a few hours.  I had coffee, at the local Bagel shop, where I ran into some friends and then walked over to my Mom’s. I visited with her, and took care of some organizational tasks in my studio, all the while thinking about this clean apartment that was waiting for me.  The weather was perfect, and I thought about going home, showering , and feeding the M-Cats, and then going into the city, for this and that;)   Well you know the saying “Man plans , The Universe Laughs”.

Cosmo Toppurr decided to show me exactly what he thought about the fresh lemon scent, that now purrmiates  my living room.  A fresh deposit of cat poo – OK I have to say it – Shit! –  was waiting in the center of my living room bween Maynard’s favorite chair, and the rattan ottoman, which serves as a designated cat bed for Fatty, or Coupurr, depending.Photo on 9-9-14 at 2.16 PM #3

It’s not a BIG DEAL. I can clean it, I have all the right equipment, as it is not a first time
occurrence . I’m actually pretty quick too. It’s just that, I get the message loud and clear, and I need for Cosmo to get the message, that this is unacceptable.   For now, he got a time out and a close up view of his creation, and a scolding.  I have a hard time even doing that. Cosmo is the most affectionate of my kitties, and extremely possessive. He instinctively marks anything he thinks he owns. He strokes his chin against doors, closets, pillows, cardboard.

Oh well, I’m calmer now that I’ve cleaned up, and written about it.

And I was thinking that today was “Fat Tuesday” – Cosmo must have misunderstood, and thought I was going to focus on Fatty. Well it’s still early enough for me to head downtown….I will update a little later.

The Big Girl

New Day, New Year, New Post

Image  but not a new picture… Just checking in to say all is well, andI will be back shortly with some of my new  Zen-dallas…I guess,I can’t use the word Zentangle ,unless I follow it by a trademark…not sure if I agree, but I am trying to be respectful of copyrights…anyway….I find it hard to tangle and upload at the same time…so I will reserve Monday afternoon for a hands on session with my pen and paper…I will shift over to my art blog later, to elaborate…at least I will try…..just so many hours in the day:)   Hope every one had a good holiday…

August Mandala

August Mandala

have been drawing Mandalas, and other strange phenomenon.I don’t know exactly how I went from cats to Mandalas, but it’s a colorful, interesting adventure, and I am compelled to stay and explore for some time – it does calm my brain a bit, in the creating of them….It suits me. because they can be continued at later date, or left alone. More details in my Amyb’ Art blog

Hot Fun In Hairball Alley

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I posted an entry. The Big Girl (that’s me) has been busy with all sorts of creative purrocesses and adventures.

Translation: I’ve started several other blogs, and the M-Cats are jealous. We sat down on my bed, the M-cats and I had a long discussion about how we all had to learn to be respectful of each others property.

The Big Girl Against a Pillow – drawn w/ IartPro

So far, Coupurr and Jazzpurr have agreed to stop drinking out of my water color-water container, and I have agreed to let them sleep on the bed, while I paint, and try and catch on this on-line art course I am taking.

I promise to be back on line shortly, with more interesting adventures from all the M-Cats.

Breakfast At Starbucks

This entry is really a test to see if word press works on my IPad and in Starbucks, where I am having coffee with my brother, who is continuing in his dietary pursuit…He is journaling about his quest to lose 10 pounds….and not sure if the ravioli – gnocci appetizer was a wise choose at dinner last night…but since he dined at TAZZINA – featured on CHOP, a TV show akin to Top Chef….anyway…we are trying to navigate the technical difficulties of blogging in Starbucks…

So Ciao, or should I say Chow for now?

June 1, 2012 – A Strange and Magical Morning In Hairball Alley – Field Trip In The Catasphere

Sketching Buildings and Learning about Perspective

Last night I sat perusing the internet and I came across an art lesson about 1 point perspective for fifth graders. I really like the way the lesson was presented, and I was taken by the drawings the students had made.

Here is a link

I guess I have been trying to get in touch with that childish creativity, that most life coaches say is found in all of us.

I was inpspired to try my own Horizon Line drawing of trees and buildings…like the children, It will take me more than one session to complete…I also tried it on my computer program Paint Brush
I have several, but the one still hanging on the screen is this

Hairball Alley Salutes Our Veterans On Memorial Day

Coupurr Salutes On Memorial Day